Why shouldn’t I use Flash for my website?

Today, many web developers still use Adobe Flash to make visually appealing websites. The problem with Flash is that it vastly restricts your website’s ability to be found and processed quickly by the browser. Modern mark-up and scripting languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, however, have improved to the point where they can entirely replace Flash, and with far better results. You can get the same great interactive effects, with cleaner coding and faster load times.

Problems with Flash include…

  • Search engines, such as Google, cannot read anything in a website built with Flash. This makes it just about impossible for a potential customer to find your website when they enter keywords you want to rank for in a search engine (bad).
  • Flash requires a very long time to load. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, however, are all read by the browser with blazing speed (good).
  • Apple products, such as tablets and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads & iPod touches), DO NOT read Flash. Therefore, anyone using such a platform cannot view your website at all (very bad!).

At Nocturnal Creative, we understand that your website has a job to do—we’ll make sure that it not only looks great, but that it works great too!

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