Mobile Websites – What they are and why you need one

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In the web development industry, mobile is one of the most important aspects in creating your website. All websites at Nocturnal Creative can be viewed on mobile devices. Making a website mobile, however, entails creating an entirely new website that is specifically optimized for viewing on a mobile device. One bad first experience of a website can send viewers away forever, and now-a-days this first experience often occurs on their very own mobile device.

Nocturnal Creative mobile websites for small businesses in west linn, beaverton, oregon city, lake oswego, and clackamas

Nocturnal Creative mobile websites for small businesses.

Benefits of a Mobile Website:

  • Website content is easily read without the frustrating need to constantly zoom in and out of text
  • Website content can be accessed seamlessly and is more appealing on a smaller screen
  • First impressions, through mobile devices, are always good ones

Down sides of a Mobile Website:

  • There are none…

Get a Mobile Website Today!

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