NC focuses on building websites that you can manage yourself!

At Nocturnal Creative, we understand that one of the biggest challenges many small businesses face after completing a website design – is managing the content on their site.

You may already know that regular updates to the content on your website is an extremely important factor in SEO (search engine optimization) if you want to rank for your best keywords. Search engines, and Google in particular, are much more likely to move your site toward the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) if they know that you are regularly providing valuable, and fresh, content.

But how can you do that if you have to contact your website developer, submit a request for content updates, wait until they have time for you in their schedule, and then pay them to make those changes?

Although you may not be willing, or have the time, to learn all there is to know about making major structural or design changes to your site, at Nocturnal Creative we design your new website so that you can control the things that matter once we’ve finished building your site. And all of our website packages include the training you need to easily manage content updates to your site entirely on your own.

Customer site-editing features include…

  • Loading your own YouTube videos
  • Adding images in the image library (showcase your travels, your cooking skills, or your team photos)
  • Easily post updates & images in your blog (that we will set up for you)
  • Managing testimonial pages

Contact us today and let us know what you need your website to do – our first job is to listen!

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